RM10.00 Credits

10-Class Pass

RM450.00 for 3 months

Not able to make it in as regularly as you’d hope? Sign up for 10-Class Pass package to receive a price break with only RM 45 per class. Three (3) months validity from the date of purchase.

|  Get 23% off on your first sign-up, instantly.

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Attendance :

10 classes (10 credits)


Credits are what you use to book classes. All classes have same credit rates. Upon signing up for this 10-Class Pass package, you will receive 10 credits to book the class you want to try, instantly. Once you have completed the purchase, just visit our "Class Schedule" page and use the credits that you have to start booking your first class.

Validity :

Three (3) months validity from the date of purchase.

Packages :

5-Class Pass (RM 250), 10-Class Pass (RM 450), 20-Class Pass (RM 750), 50-Class Pass (RM 1,350), Monthly Unlimited (RM 480), Drop-in (RM 55)


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