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Edana Schul

I have been a pilates practitioner for almost 20 years. The method has truly helped me get over injury and postural issues caused by an intense corporate career. Because of the benefits pilates brought to me, it has been a big part of my life, so much so that I was inspired to teach it to help others. I am trained in the STOTT pilates method in reformer and mat up to advanced level. I enjoy practicing all over the world, experiencing new styles and keeping myself inspired. I am always learning from my peers, the industry and my students and enjoy sharing my passion.



I like to incorporate a degree of education into my classes to help students help themselves in their day to day lives for long-term benefits, not just on the mat. As a movement specialist, there is always a degree of technical precision in my class style, but I love being creative with my sequencing and always bring energy and fun to my lessons, challenging my students to push themselves. I get immense joy when people start to feel the difference pilates makes to their posture, strength and mind-body connection. Get ready to move better!
Pilates : Focusing on classical pilates exercises, move through a moderate to strong flow of mindful movement. Suitable for all levels.
Pilates Foundation : This educational class builds a strong functional foundation through focusing on posture, alignment and precision based on the key principles of pilates movement. Suitable for beginners and those who want to build on their practice at an intermediate level.
Power Pilates : This fast paced class incorporates pilates with dynamic movement and higher repetitions, targeting core and supporting muscle groups for a challenging full body workout. Suitable for all levels.





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