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Capoeira Angola has been a lifestyle - a source of joy and a ritual of exercises for my body, mind and soul. Through this practice, guided under the reference of Mestre Indio and Grupo Candeia de Capoeira Angola, seven years of learning and practicing the art has provided me with the opportunity to push my limits to play Capoeira Angola without hurting and injuring the feelings and physiques of my partners and friends, usually there is no contact from strikes, as it is understood that an implied strike is more admirable. It allows me to build resistance within the art and in every day’s gains and struggles, while having the freedom to improvise the art which keeps our learning fluid, beautiful to watch and a lot of fun to practice. Capoeira Angola provides me with platforms to develop balance, strength, dexterity, body spatial wareness, stamina, agility and creativity, where within the state of being in the game, it allows me to communicate with a partner through the coordination of my body, through the response of thoughts and awareness of my partners incoming kicks and evasion, while building the courage to do something positively different every time I come across the same situation within the game.



Capoeira Angola : Capoeira Angola is a fluid defense and attack movement. It is highly dynamic and usually practiced with a partner. The set includes a variety of cartwheels, handstands, headstands, elbow lever, and a transitional bridge. Some elements of music will be incorporated as you go about this fun challenge.
We will be having a gradual fun learning process that allows you to progress at your own rate and achieve things you may have never thought you could do. Just bring some spare shirts, head protection (e.g.: scarf) and lots of water to recover from your thirsts and sweats after class.





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