Gentle Flow & Yin Yoga | Lene Simonnes

Lene Simonnes

A Yoga enthusiast and management consultant, I find joy and meaning in discovering and sharing strategies and skills for personal and corporate wellbeing. As we feel empowered, at ease and enough in ourselves, we also become a force to be reckoned with for the wellbeing of our relationships, families, communities and organisations. Starting as physical work-out many years ago, I now consider my Yoga practice a work-in and a wellbeing ritual. The practice of physical postures, breathing, meditation and relaxation re-conditions my body, mind and senses to experience a state of freedom and ease and is fuel for contentment, productivity, creativity and joy. I completed my Foundation Level training with Shilpa Ghatalia (RYT200 Yogshakti Integrative Yoga) and have continued my studies with a wide range of teachers, including Sebastian Pucelle/ Murielle Burellier (Yin Yoga), Kia Miller (Pranayama, Radiant Body Yoga) and Grandmaster Tan Too Kong (Wellness Medical Qigong).



My Yoga classes are accessible and playful and always contain elements of breath, meditation and relaxation, weather it is a dynamic Flow or an introspective Yin practice.
Gentle Flow : A Gentle Flow of poses, infused with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation that cultivates strength, balance and lightness in body and mind. Longer held poses target deep connective tissue and warming, fluid sequences target muscle and blood. Lene’s Gentle Flow classes are energising and playful and suitable for all levels.
Yin Yoga : Yin Yoga is about long held poses targeting deep connective tissue, cultivating awareness and enhancing the flow of vital energy to maintain and restore the natural balance of body and mind. It is an easily accessible form of yoga, which does not require flexibility, strength or balance. Lene’s Yin Yoga classes are grounding and rejuvenating and suitable for all levels.




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