DANCEmandala | Mooza Mohd

Mooza Mohd

Mooza is a certified yoga teacher, life skills trainer, and community facilitator. She integrates artistic, spiritual, and community-based practices for people to work on their own transformative path – be it to find their life purpose, understand their inner world, dismantle ideas of what can’t be done, or shift courageously into their own healing journey.   Dancing blooms her soul but she also keeps herself busy teaching yoga; facilitating theatre workshops for communities; running issue-based programmes for non-profit organisations; and offering life skills sessions for young people. She subscribes to the notion that everyone is a teacher and believe in working consciously, critically, and collectively.



As a facilitator at Damai, Mooza hopes to offer a space of renewal, lightness, and deep gratitude – evenfrom a place of despair and deep turmoil. Her DANCEmandala session is an invitation to getstories out of our bodies, to spark our collective memory, and to playfully gaze into our own inner landscape.
DANCEmandala : DANCEmandala is a movement and meditation practice that offers a healing and conscious space that enables you to express your natural, core, and authentic self. It is a dance between rhythms, breaths, movement, and stillness where we always flow towards greater balance.
This practice is designed to liberate the dancer in everyone, open to anyone who wish to move, connect, and integrate their journey inwards through their own unique, unchoreographed, and embodied movement. DANCEmandala provides opportunities for us to dive into outdated patterns and stagnation – allowing us to nurture grounded healing and provides a sense of renewal supported by gentle guidance and contained support.





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