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Natalie Basch

I moved to Indonesia where I completed multiple trainings in meditation, vinyasa yoga, Hatha and aerial yoga. I managed two businesses and taught various styles of yoga on the Gili Islands and in Ubud. In 2018, I decided to combine my skills and started my own business, called Airo Yoga. I am currently running Airo Yoga trainings, teaching Vinyasa Yoga and Power Pilates whilst trying to stay true to my personal findings and understandings.



A key thing that I have learnt is - Yoga and Pilates is life! My aim is to show people how to lead a life that is in line with their own truth and it starts with moving the body. Move the body, in order to understand your mind and learn to take your own power back to live your desired life. That is your right! And it starts on the matt.
Power Pilates / Pilates : Power Pilates is a dynamic movement class focusing on the six Pilates principles and a mixture of the basic Pilates mat exercises. Every class will focus on toning the lower, mid and upper part of the body with a set warm-up exercise and up to ten 1-minute planks. With an invigorating playlist to keep the vibrations up, the class will leave you sweating and feeling a healthy and natural high.
Vinyasa Yoga : Linking the movement to the breath is essential in Vinyasa Yoga. Drop the mind and flow with the breath through dynamic variations of classical yoga asanas. A breakdown of more challenging poses will be introduced towards the end before rounding things off with a long and juicy Savasana. Music is key to the flow so get ready to move through some groovy tunes whilst focusing on keeping the monkey mind at bay and finding strength and balance in the body.





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