DANCEmandala | Ooi Bee Hong

Ooi Bee Hong

Bee is a certified facilitator, community organiser, and spiritual entrepreneur. For over a decade, she has travelled extensively and immersed herself in learning from various teachers from all over the world – inspiring her to bring together these experiences back home and to create a community anchored through mindful practice. Through the modalities of Contact Beyond Contact and DANCEmandala, her teaching style invites people to channel their authentic expression, contemplate deeply into their inner world, and to connect compassionately to each other. As a certified raw vegan chef, she believes that health is about being vibrant inside out – and that balancing them with nutritious food would help us thrive towards a more holistic lifestyle.



Bee's commitment, passion, and sincerity to hold space for people is materialised in the founding of Damai Studio and Cafe – it is her vision of what she aims to share to the world, a conscious playground for people to come together to explore their sense of self, transform their life, and heal themselves.
DANCEmandala : DANCEmandala is a movement and meditation practice that offers a healing and conscious space that enables you to express your natural, core, and authentic self. It is a dance between rhythms, breaths, movement, and stillness where we always flow towards greater balance. This practice is designed to liberate the dancer in everyone, open to anyone who wish to move, connect, and integrate their journey inwards through their own unique, unchoreographed, and embodied movement. DANCEmandala provides opportunities for us to dive into outdated patterns and stagnation – allowing us to nurture grounded healing and provides a sense of renewal supported by gentle guidance and contained support.





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