Hatha & Vinyasa | Valérie Winter

Valerie Winter

I was first introduced to Yoga through my readings on art, philosophy and literature. I started my practice in Paris, France where I was born and headed to India to deepen my skills and to study Yoga in all its aspects. As a wholeheartedly dedicated full-time Yoga teacher, valuing empathy above all, I am on a continuing mission of personal study. I encourage students to explore Yoga with me in its multi- faceted forms by leading them on their personal, physical and emotional path.



All my classes are living labs for self-discovery and acceptance.
Hatha Yoga : In my Hatha Yoga classes, students will learn the fundamental poses, the principles of alignment and most importantly, how to integrate what is taught in the class to daily life, instead of solely restricting the practice to a physical exercise on the mat.
Vinyasa Yoga : The Vinyasa classes will bring students into a flow of creative, physically challenging and mentally uplifting sequences.




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